Anti Aging Collagen Research

Collagen is not a new concept in anti aging researches. In fact, the researchers have been interested in it since the 1960s. In that time researchers associated aging processes in human body with reduction of collagen synthesis. It is resulted not only in wrinkles on face and loss of skin elasticity. As well it is resulted in hearing, nails and muscle deterioration, joint pain, vessels elasticity reduction and cellulite development. However, the first “victim” of the collagen reduction is the skin because collagen is the main component in its structure. Collagen is the most spread protein in human body and compounds of amino acids chains.

Today there are three well known types of collagen – high molecular animal collagen, hydrolyzed collagen and fish collagen.

High molecular animal collagen

This type of collagen has an ability to penetrate into deep skin layers and replace the damaged collagen fibers of aging skin. The pellicle that is formed on the skin is able to keep water and pass the oxygen. Due to this feature the products with high molecular animal collagen moisten, soften and lift the skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen

This type of collagen is able to pass through the protective skin layer and come into metabolic processes within the body and thus it nourishes and moisturizes the
skin from within.

Fish collagen

At the end of 1990s new class of cosmetics – collagen gels produced from natural three spiral collagen – appeared. In 1990s Polish scientists working on inventions that were far away from the cosmetology obtained collagen from the fish skin extract the structure of which was very close to the collagen structure in human skin.

What is most important, these scientists managed to create collagen with transdermal properties meaning that it is able to pass through the skin. Over the time all the
difficulties with the fish collagen preservation during increasing of the storage temperature were successfully overcame. It is very important as the collagen, especially fish one is an unstable product and it is enough a little amount of sour substance that causes bacterial growth or insignificant increase of protein temperature for collagen to decompose.

Collagen produced in a new way preserves its versatile amino acid structure that resembles the human one. It means that now we have an opportunity to prevent aging by returning the human skin the needed amount of protein because its deficit is the main reason for aging processes within the body. Researches conducted at the beginning of the 21st century have proved the anti aging properties of fish collagen, but with the warning that it shows biological activity and positive effectiveness only in temperature range from 5 to 23 degrees of Celsius.

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