Chaz Dean Wen Hair Products – Are They Worth The Cost?

The Chaz Dean Wen Hair products seem to be a hit or miss, relying completely on private choice and person outcomes. It is undoubtedly not a “one dimension matches all” sort of product, however it may be very effective.

Girls with fine hair appear to be the ones who praise Chaz Dean Wen Hair products the most. Because the Wen Cleaning Conditioner is essentially a shampoo and conditioner in one, except it eliminates lathering as well as the toxic components discovered in most regular shampoos. Furthermore, it conditions without weighing the hair down. On top of that, it detangles so that you don’t have to use yet another solution on your hair. Fewer products, less damage, less likely that your hair will end up flat and lifeless. Its objective is to make your hair shiny, soft and manageable without all of the additional actions.

Currently, the Chaz Dean Wen Hair products range also includes a Styling Creme, Restore Mask and even a Texture Balm. Obviously, you are able to only achieve so much with just the Wen shampoo, and so they recognize that. The Styling Creme is great, with frequent use, to help repair split ends and control frizz, and helping you obtain the style you want with the shine you love. The Hair Restore Mask is fantastic for anyone who has not too long ago had their head of hair processed, be it a perm or a dye. It adds back again the ingredients your hair wants to restore its well being and vitality. The Texture Balm is perfect for those that want to maintain a more stable fashion, but hate the sticky, stiff feeling of most other gels,conditioners and balms. The important thing to using the Wen Hair products range, is to find the correct mixture for you and stick with it to really see great results.

Wen Hair products are created with natural components, which is wonderful because the harsh components typically found in shampoos are eradicated, therefore getting rid of prospective damage. Instead of the usual lather you receive with shampoos, these products provide you a smooth foam when mixed with water. The product name even suggests a natural and different hair proudct, and that’s precisely what it means. Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen Hair System and celebrity stylist, explains that the name sounds a whole lot like “Zen”, and is “New” spelled backwards, simply because this hair care program is really a reverse way of thinking about cleaning hair. The products aren’t just extremely personal to him, but they provide the buyer a great feeling in regards to the solution that they’re making use of.

Unfortunately, it does not work out as well for everybody. Some consumers have identified that their scalps have become irritated from the menthol that’s used in the products. This is obviously a very personal problem, and will probably stop them from using more natural shampoos and hair products, because of how they faired with Wen shampoos. Which is too bad really, because whenever you have the opportunity to use a product that’s better to your hair; it feels like a waste not to make use of it. Others have found that it merely doesn’t clean the way in which they want it to. They also feel that the residual impact leads to their hair to become weighed down. This is the precise reverse of Wen’s objective, and is also due to their particular type of hair and choice. It’s usually been said that you simply cannot satisfy everybody, and that is definitely the situation with hair care products. Another downside to the Wen Hair products range, is the cost. Most lower or middle class people cannot afford to pay $30 for simple hair products. What’s more, the Cleansing Conditioner is only available in a small 12 ounce container, meaning you’ll run out quickly if you have very long hair or use it on a daily basis.

As far as I’m concerned, it is undoubtedly worth a try though. If you buy through the Chaz Dean Hair products website, they provide you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. However, I would choose to forego the guarantee and buy Chaz Dean Wen Hair products from other shops, who don’t have monthly subscriptions that are impossible to get out off. You can find these online shops, reviews and more at

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