Cosmetic Surgery Terms – How To Have The Best Prices On Your Painterly Surgery


Ever wonder just how liposuction prices are determined? The following are a few pointers for calculating your liposuction costs that anyone considering liposuction should know.

Liposuction Prices Can Be Affected by the Amount of Time Involved

The amount of time and effort a surgeon puts into the procedure can affect liposuction prices. No two patients are the same. Some liposuction procedures also take longer to perform than others. This can cause the price to vary per patient, especially if something unexpected is encountered by the surgeon during the procedure. If a procedure takes longer than normal to perform, this can cause the cost of liposuction to increase.

Other factors that can affect the time required to carry out a liposuction procedure are:

• overall size of the patient’s body

• degree of difficulty in the area of treatment

• number of procedures being performed at the same time.

For example, someone who elects to have only their abdomen treated with liposuction will likely pay less than a someone who elects to have their abdomen and their thighs treated at the same time. Patients who weigh more can expect to pay higher liposuction prices than patients who weigh a lot less. This is because patients who weigh more usually have more fat that needs to be removed, so this can take longer. Patients who have had liposuction in the same area of treatment previously may have scar tissue in the area. This can also cause the procedure to take longer than expected and drive up the overall price of liposuction.

Other Factors Affecting Liposuction Prices

Other factors that often affect the price of liposuction include the surgeon’s reputation, experience and expertise, end results, and where he is located.

Some cities are known to have higher costs of labor and living expenses. This can increase liposuction prices. In addition, a cosmetic surgeon that has years and years of experience and a great reputation for achieving great results may also be able to charge more for his level of expertise.

Those surgeons who have a lot less experience or who have a history of dissatisfied patients may advertise lower fees. This helps them to attract new patients.

Flat-Fee Pricing

Many surgeons quote one flat fee, as it’s easier for patients to understand. Most of the time the fee will include each and every cost involved in performing the liposuction procedure, including all surgical fees, all non-surgical fees, and the cost of the anesthesiologist and anesthesia if needed. The flat-fee pricing is often quoted when a surgeon performs liposuction out of his own office or outpatient surgical center.

When contacting a surgeon’s office about liposuction costs, it’s important to ask if the prices quoted include all fees. There are times when the surgeon’s staff will only quote the surgeon’s price for the procedure and omit other necessary fees, such as nursing staff fees, operating room costs, lab work, etc. So be sure to ask what the quoted liposuction prices include.

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