Different Methods Of Hair Removal.

There are a lot of methods of removing undesired hair. These methods are shaving, wax, laser, plucking, electrolysis, etc. The choice of method of hair removal, as a rule, depends only on your money. Below there are some common methods of hair removal that you could compare and choose.

Shave. This is the easiest, cheapest and fastest method of hair removal. It is not a painful process. Shaving lotions, creams and oils play important role here. These ingredients create the conditions for a smooth/easy and comfortable shave; you can only enjoy the process. Shaving is excellently suitable for the legs, it is quickly and effectively. Be careful to avoid cuts.

Waxing. This is the method which causes most of the females scream. Wax is applied om a specific area of your skin that has undesired hair. The pitch fixes hair and then they are removed with one quick movement. Hair is removed typically without root and grows again. For the first time it is a very painful procedure. But if you use this method on a regular basis, after a while your hair will become thinner, resulting it will not be painfully any more. This method demands some expenditure. Nevertheless, it works great in the area of bikini.

Laser. Laser epilation[spin] is applied to the dark hair on [spin]light skin. Laser hair removal may be painful, but not as much as waxing. Laser epilation of upper lip and chin takes only 10 minutes. You will need 5-6 seances, which take about 4 weeks. However of this method is high. Laser hair removal can cost up to $ 200 per procedure. Despite the price, it cannot be called the best method of hair removal since it does not guarantee the results and requires a trusted beautician.

Plucking is best applied in the area of eye brows. It is important to have sufficiently thick hair, which may be plucked. A good pair of pincers is usually not a cheap purchase.

Depilation with threads. This method is developed in major cities. It is used usually for eyebrows, upper lip and chin. During this procedure, beautician uses a special roller, which consists of cotton threads. Hair is reeled up by the roller, and then plucked. Price of the method is enough low, and the procedure is done quicker than plucking.

Electrolysis. This way of hair removal cannot guarantee the result. The beautician will insert a needle into each hair follicle. Then, giving the low current, it will destroy hair follicles. This is a tedious procedure; it is applied usually on the eyebrows, chin and upper lip. The price is about $ 50 per session, but you should visit a similar procedure for 15-30 times.

Cream method. This method is easy, convenient and inexpensive. All you have to do is just to purchase your own cream for depilation in the store. After applying the cream on your skin, hair is removed absolutely painless. In general, this method can be used to eyebrows, upper lip, chin and legs. It is important to read the manual, because not all of the creams can be applied to any part of the body.

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