Essential Women’s Hairstyle Guide

The fashion industry goes through changes quicker than any other industry there is. Every month, men and women shoppers spent hundreds of millions of dollars updating their wardrobes to the latest fashion trends to hit the shops. The hair care industry also does not escape this constant evolution, with every new fashion show bringing a new cut or style into the upper echelons of fashion. As happens once every few years, hair fashion in 2011 is all about the revival of previous years.

As has happened every few years recently, trends in hair fashion are being repeated every few years. Roughly three years ago, hair trends followed styles from the 60s and 70s, though with a different take on each style; 2011 is seeing another revival of those styles though with a slight change. It is expected that 2011 will see more styles incorporating the combination of two or more styles, revolving around the primary theme of effortless style.

Following on from the effortless style ethos of hair fashion in 2011, the birds nest bun has been seen in a few guises on the catwalks recently. An amalgamation of a couple of styles, the birds nest bun is certainly one of the more stylish and noticeable hairstyles of 2011.

The birds nest bun is for people with longer hair, but what kind of style can people with short hair adopt? Well recently we have seen the bob making another comeback, in this instance incorporating a fringe. Longer, shoulder length bobs are right at the pinnacle of fashion right now and a recently popular take on this is the waved bob.

With 2011 seeing a push towards hairstyles rather than hair cuts, braids returned and have continued to remain on-trend throughout the last few months. With this year seeing a common feature of the blend of two or more styles into one, braids have been adapted to suit and right at the front of the line is the braided topknot which has been worn by a few top models in recent fashion shows.

Fashion in 2011 is all about revival. This year we will see clothing styles from the 1960s and 1970s brought kicking and screaming into 2011 with slight modifications and modernizations. Last popular only around three years ago, the fringe is making a big comeback for longer haircut lengths, as is the pixie crop haircut for people with shorter hair. In terms of colors, this year it is all about the white or platinum blondes and strong reds.

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