Going Back to Natural Hair- Here’s Why

Natural hair is here to stay. At least mines is. Many people are taking the natural hair journey because they’ve had bad experiences with chemicals, others have suffered hair loss as a result of braiding and weaves,for many its an embrace of culture, and others are making a natural hair journey because hair care products are just too expensive. Yes, the hair market is a huge money making business with all kinds of products. Still, whatever the reason, natural hair is in and here to stay. And, I am going back to natural hair because I believe if my hair is given a chance it will grow naturally.

You see, ever since I was a child, my short natural nappy hair which my mom was not too proud of (God forgive her because she didn’t know any better LOL) was destroyed by my mother. Yes mother destroyed my natural hair and I shall tell you why I say that so read on.

Back in the day,it was the norm for little girls to wear ribbons in their long natural hair. These bows as they were called complimented school uniforms as well as church dresses or dresses for any special occasions. Since my natural hair was quite short,the hot comb was introduced to give my hair that nice straight look and length for a bow. But O my Lord, the hot comb did not do my already short natural hair any justice. It ate my hair. Allow me to explain.

The metal part of the hot comb was placed over an open fire and there was no way of controlling the temperature except for letting it sit for a few minutes so it could cool down. This worked half the time and most times it was so overheated that wiping it with a dish towel did not help one bit because the comb had to be hot to achieve hair straightness. Well, in the times that the comb was placed on the hair, it not only straightened the hair but burnt it in the process often eating huge chunks at the same time. Sometimes even the ears or the forehead got burned by the comb. My hair was burnt often leaving me with much shorter hair than I started with.

I had no problem with my short hair and hair straightening was never something I looked forward too. I’m sure other girls did not look forward to it either as the heat from the comb was never something anyone enjoyed. I always cringed, fearing that the comb would accidentally burn me which it did quite often. To date, I still don’t see the sense in hair straightening as it never lasted because as soon as sweat and perspiration settled into the hair. it would return back to it’s normal state making the whole process a total waste of time and very unbearable all the time.

As if the hot comb was not torture enough, I soon graduated to hair perms. My hair was at the mercy of a mother who thought she was doing the right thing. Whoever said beauty is pain knew what they were talking about because transitioning from hot comb to perms was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I had my troubles with perms which use to leave me with huge burns while destroying my hair in the process. The pain used to be so unbearable that I never looked forward to getting a perm. To date, I don’t understand why people would put themselves through such pain just to get their hair straight.

Today my natural hair care regimen includes washing hair with henna, going through the process of deep conditioning and taking of vitamins and daily spraying with oil and water.

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