Hair Lengthening – All You Need To Learn

Extensions go in different sizes, and budgets. Clip-ons are the easiest because you don’t have to go back to the beauty salon when your natural hair grows. Glued lenthenings – which are done at the salon – last within 2 to 6 months.

New Hair Care
Gentleness is the word. You may comb, style, swim – anything you’d perform usually. But be patient when combing out tangles, and don’t pull too tightly while styling. Also, specialists do not suppose it the great idea to color your extensions. The fabric or hair has already come via a plenty of chemical processes, and your home coloring is able to do it a harm. If you feel the sleek hair extensions getting loose after several weeks, that’s ordinary thing – it just means your hair has grown enough that you need to visit the stylist.

Washing your hair should be done at least each 2 to 3 days, using an appropriate shampoo. Take the time to be certain your whole scalp is washed. Then use a heavy-duty conditioner. Lenthenings don’t receive the natural oil that your own hair gets.

Clip-on hair
The simplest and not so costly of all methods, this is also the most appropriate. What is the reason? Because it’s hard to suit your existing hair color. Certain women experience extension of their natural hair color in the summer. And if you get chemically colored hair, you may see it fade within its 4 to 6 week life-span. Therefore for clip-ons, having a wardrobe of 2 to 3 colors to select from, is the wise way to go.

As with salon applied lengthening, we recommend receiving your clip-ons from a professional who is able to suggest matches to your color and your hair texture. Although – who knows – you can just want a pony tail or pink “streak” for fun. Your local pharmacy or beauty shop will have them, and the price is minimal.

Synthetic versus Human Hair
Professionals recommend natural hair as probably the most natural-looking and longer-lasting. But if your budget can not afford it, there’s a plenty of great variants of synthetic hair extensions. Woven expertly into your own hair, it can be quite good-looking.

We’re living in a time when you may literally select your hair. If you’ve always dreamt about luscious tresses that bounce sexually when you run, you may get them. Do not forget about your syle of life when choosing extensions: Do you have time to care for long hair? If it’s short bed-head hair you want, may you wield a blow dryer to make that style after you leave the salon?

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