Hair Loss Treatment – Tips About The Best Way To Deal With Loss Of Hair

Hair loss is actually normal because the hair has its own life cycle. Who need to look out for is if the loss is prolonged, the amount of hair falling out more than 100 strands per day.

A strand of hair can last 3-5 years to grow at that healthy scalp. At one scalp pores, the average will occur until the regeneration of hair growth has much as 20 times . Long hair grow and grow approximately 12 mm within a month. If not cut off, the hair will continue to grow to over 107 cm, before falling out and experiencing new growth at that same pore.

In the ‘life’, each hair shaft will pass through three stages of growth.

1. First, the anagen phase, where hair is actively growing and growing longer. This phase lasts approximately 3-5 years.

2. The second phase is catagen. In phase that lasts between 3-4 weeks, the growth of the hair cells is slowly starting to slow down before stopping.

3. The third phase is called the telogen phase. Hair follicles shrink and move off to the scalp surface. This process lasts for 3-4 months.

After the third pass through this phase, new hair will grow back to replace the ones that have fallen down. Growth cycle takes up to 4 years, and can be repeated 25 times.

These phases were, in fact often do not work properly. Unhealthy scalp / sensitive, dandruff, oily scalp, a hormone that is unstable during pregnancy or after childbirth, the consumption of certain drugs (birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy), stress, and too much exposure to hair cosmetic products, triggered the hair loss ‘premature’ (occurring before their time).
Another factor that cannot be underestimated, that can cause permanent hair loss is heredity. You that indeed a lineage of hair loss, need to stop early. Inadequate intake of biotin (vitamin B complex), that many found in liver, nuts, milk, yogurt, egg yolks, and fortified cereals.

Hair growth slows down with age. To maintain healthy hair growth, scalp massage on a regular basis, every time you shampoo. This light massage to stimulate the flow of nutrients, oxygen, and blood to hair follicles.
The things that can cause excessive hair loss are heredity, hormones, age, stress, scalp disorders or serious disease, shock, childbirth, excessive drug consumption, exposure to harmful chemicals, the wrong diet and lack of nutrition.

To get a lovely thick hair and full of nutrients needed each day because hair is made of protein. Foods that contain lots of protein are essential for the health of your hair. Your food must contain at least 100 grams of protein each day. You can get protein from milk, butter, yogurt, soy and derivatives products, eggs, cheese, meat, and fish.

Deficiency vitamin A, B, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, iron, copper and iodine can also cause hair loss and gray hair. Inositol deficiency also affects the same. Inositol found in yeast, liver, and molasses.

Here are some useful tips to nourish hair, but cannot help permanently, if the main cause of his such as disease and stress is not removed first.

– Provide supplemental vitamin B complex, protein and Silica as a precaution if your food does not contain enough of these nutrients.
– Adequate sleep and eat a balanced diet.
– Massage the scalp-massage shampoo every time out. This will activate the oil glands and improving blood circulation in the scalp so the hair becomes healthier.
– Rub coconut milk on the scalp and hair, massage gently. Then rinse thoroughly. Coconut milk helps promote hair growth.
– Juice made from bananas, honey, yogurt and low-fat milk contains many nutrients needed hair.
– Manage stress very well and do a healthy lifestyle.
– Stay away from drugs that can disrupt hair growth.

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