Hanging Bubble Chair

Hanging bubble chairs

Choosing the look, feel, and style of your home’s decor is definitely a matter of personal taste. The choices are varied and include country, French, traditional, and modern. If your design esthetic leans more toward a clean, minimal, contemporary feel, the addition of a hanging bubble chair can provide a unique showpiece for your home.

Like most modern marvels, the iconic chair was designed based on the answer to a unique question asked by Eero Aarnio who is credited with bringing this classic to life. After he created the ball-shaped chair, he wanted to allow light to shine through it’s interior. Aarnio recalled that the dome-shaped sky lights which were made from acrylic would create the effect he desired.

So, he contacted the manufacturer and asked if it would be possible to blow an acrylic bubble big enough to fit his chair’s frame. The answer was yes, and the “womb chair” started to take form. Aarnio simply added cushions for comfort. He famously quipped that there is no way to make a clear pedestal suited for his unique design, so he decided to add a chain and hooks to hang the chair from the ceiling.

The hanging bubble chair is still an iconic piece. Eero Aarnio was a Finnish furniture designer who is best know for two chair designs of the 1960’s, the “Ball Chair” (1966) and the “Egg Chair”(1968). Aarnio is widely regarded as a pioneer in the use of reinforced fiberglass and acrylic. The Pastil chair is made of reinforced fiberglass molded into a flattened sphere, with a hollow carved into the top to make a seat. Due to its curvature, the chair rocks on the floor without legs or a pedstal; it thus wittily and completely ignores the traditional character of a chair.

Eero Aarnio’s bubble chairs were introduced to an international audience when they were prominently featured by Apaja in their 3D online gaming environment.

The hanging bubble chair is an ovoid acrylic shell, higher than it is wide and with a large, circular opening. It revolves on a cast aluminum base. Evocative of space travel, this chair has a fantasy element to it, as does contemporary pop art furniture. It’s sculptural elegance and ingenuity place it in the line of development stemming from the Charles Eames lounge chair, and continuing through Scandinavian modern design, as in the work of Arne jacobsen.

Hanging Bubble Chair Review
Without question, this hanging chair will be the center of attention in any room. If you have a traditional style, you will be taking a bit of a risk. However, if your taste leans more toward a modern, contemporary feel, consider making a purchase.

Proper placement of the piece is crucial. Common areas like the great room or living room will make it accessible to family, friends, and visitors. If you plan to use the chair for personal activities like reading or just relaxing after work, put it in the master bedroom. Since the den is the primary area for the family to gather, place it here for your spouse and kids to enjoy.

The hanging bubble chair is a versatile piece of furniture and can be used for many activities. It provides a self-contained reading nook that blocks annoying distractions. Listening to your favorite CD in the chair is common. Just add some headphones and you’ll have a private listening haven. In fact, some public institutions like libraries, museums and hotels have added them to their decor.

While it is not difficult to install, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and knowledge beforehand. If possible, contact a local handyman to get a few competitive bids. If you’d like to do it yourself, you’ll need a stud finder, ladder, S-Hooks, and a helper with strong arms.

Selecting The Perfect Retro Chair
It is highly unusual for one piece of furniture, especially a chair, to remain so popular for almost fifty years, but the hanging bubble chair endures. Since the addition of the chair to your home can change the “personality” of your decor, you must consider the following guidelines before purchasing this iconic piece.

•Choose the right chair cushion: The cushions for the Eero Aarnio chair are typically available in silver or red. However, the wicker model offers multi-colored fabrics which tend to be more durable.

•Choose the best style: You can purchase it in the traditional acrylic shell or wicker. The wicker frame is much more versatile since it can be used indoors or outdoors on the patio. The acrylic model is easy to clean and tends to last longer.

•Find the best area of your home to hang the chair: This is a crucial choice. The selection depends upon how you plan to use it. (Reading, listening to music, sleeping, or just lounging after a long day at work).

Other Hanging Chairs
If you just can’t bring yourself to add this retro chair to your decor, consider the hanging wicker chair instead. It is inspired by the overall design of it’s classic cousin, however, it is a more traditional piece. Since it is made from wicker, the chair can be used indoors or outdoors. The more common usage is as a piece of patio or lawn furniture. If you are uncomfortable with the retro asthetic of the Aarnio design, the wicker alternative has more mass appeal and can be integrated with many more styles and tastes.

You should also consider the egg chair created by Aarnio. While its form is similar to the hanging chair, this wicker chair is considered a sphere chair. The most odvious difference is that it does not hang from the ceiling. It sits on a modular base and usually includes black or red cushions. The uses for the chair are similar to the bubble chair, but it just doesn’t have the same “wow-factor” as the original piece. You won’t get much of a price break here either. They usually sell for around $1,400.

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