Home Hair Care

Home hair care is very important because of permanent stress and ban ecology. If you want your hair to be healthy and strong, follow our home hair care advices.
Hair needs permanent care and protection.

Especially if you follow the hair color ideas and trends and can’t keep yourself from dying your hair. Home hair care will help you to protect your hair from stress, bad ecology and damage caused by dying.

It is necessary to pay attention to your ratio because most part of nutrients our body gets with food. Vitamins A, C and D, complex of B-vitamins, zinc, iron and of course fatty acids that are included into structure of seed-oils might rehabilitate hair structure and help them to stay healthy.

Damage to our hair is caused not only with bad habits or irregular way of life but also washing in hard water, drying with fen and curling irons, waving and lining, heated hair rollers and backcombing. All that may cause weakness of hair, dryness, falling out and dandruff. The main rules of home hair care are rather simple but we often are too lazy to follow them regularly.

First of all, you should wash your hair in soft water.
Secondary, don’t rub the skin too strongly. You stimulate your sebaceous glands, so as they begin to work hardly. That may cause greasiness of your hair.

There’s nothing scaring in often hair washing. Hair should be washed as may be necessary. You just choose a mean that is suitable for often usage. For example, hydrophanous oils for hair washing don’t break physiological acid-base balance of skin and clean effectively from dirtying.

Regular using of such oils promotes normalization of sebaceous glands’ functioning. Hydrophilous oils are developed for different hair types.

Don’t allow yourself to go to bed with hairdressings. Clean your hairs before sleep. If you don’t have enough time to wash your hairs, just brush them thoroughly to deliver them from hairdressings maximally. Exception makes only natural hairdressings. For example, you shouldn’t worry if you use home-made hairdressings based on flax-seeds.

Use hair balsams to “close” hair scales and reach for wishful gloss. Balsams with natural ingredients might supplementary recondition your hair.

If there’s a possibility, try to dry your hair with natural way. Try not to use fen or other devices. If you have to use them, protect your hair with hairdressings.
To improve circulation of the blood, make head massage at least once a week. It will be especially helpful and effective before the use of oil mask.

Remember that dyed hair demand of special treatment. You should always use home hair care receipts to healthy your dyed hair because dying is always stress for them. Try to use natural dyes, the more so as actual hair color ideas show preference for natural tints that are close to your own color. You can set of your hair with tea, honey, henna etc. These natural dyes will make your hair glossy and shiny.

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