How Adequate Eye Care Can Help Save You Money

Nowadays all the people are trying to save some money. There are a lot of different areas where even small changes can mean real savings. However, while saving a few dollars comes at the expense of your health, the potential long term risks overweight any short term advantages. And it could be said about contact lenses.

Even if wearing your contact lenses for longer than your prescription allows could seem as an easy way to save money, it may have some detrimental effects on your ocular health.

In fact, contact lenses are a medical device and have to be treated as such in accordance with the recommendations of your eye care provider. Wearing contact lenses for longer period than supposed can lead to abnormal blood vessel growth on the cornea, thinning of the cornea, epithelial microcysts as well as reduced corneal sensitivity.

Various eye problems that are result of overwearing are traditionally because of the decreased amount of the oxygen transmitted to the eyes. Oxygen is important to the health of the cornea. When the eyes are not able to absorb enough oxygen through the contact lenses, hypoxic condition is developed. In fact, hypoxia can lead to some serious infections such as microbial keratitis – potentially sight threatening corneal infection.

Eye infections in addition to some other problems that can be caused by insufficient contact lens care can be extremely costly – lost days of work and medical expenses, and it is not to tell about the inconvenience and impact in the quality of the life of the vision problems.

In fact, contact lenses have been around for more than a century and though essential advances have been made in that time, the side effects and risks that are associated with wearing contact lenses remain.

For the beginning, you have to understand that in any case contact lens is a foreign object to your eyes. If the lens does not fit you properly or is improper cared, it could adversely affect your vision and the eye itself.

The problems that are associated with wearing contact lenses are the following – itching or burning, excess tearing, sensitivity to the light, dryness and distorted vision. Besides, all of those problems could be even worsened by insufficient lens care including wearing lenses for longer period than supposed.

When the lens wearer disregards their cleaning and lens replacement schedules, the ability of their contact lens to let the oxygen through the cornea reduces and deposits build up on the lens surface and within the lens material itself.

The continued wear of the lenses with protein deposits could be easily resulted in giant papillary conjunctivitis, some infections, potentially serious long term hypoxic changes such as corneal thinning, myopia creep as well as chronic low grade corneal edema.

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