How To Grow Long And Beautiful Hair?

So you want to know how to grow your hair fast. Well here are the tips you need to follow. First you must understand that the growth period of hair is generally 2-5 years after this period it slows down for 6 weeks and then goes into a resting period for 3 to five months. During the resting period hair will shed to make room from new growth. Scientist have found that about 15% of your tresses will be resting at any period of time. Sudden changes in the body’s nutrition level will damage the hair follicle forcing it to enter into the resting stage early to a percentage of 30.

Do not stress out. Stress is a killer when it comes to knowing how to grow your hair fast. In fact, individuals who desire fast hair growth, but are under stress will fail to achieve this as stress is a major factor in the prevention of hair growth. As a matter of fact, stress can cause permanent hair loss. For people who are going through severe stress, it generally takes about 4 months for the effects to show up in the actual hair.

Next you must know that your overall health will be visible in the way your hair looks. Hair is a strong indicator of how well your body is functioning.
Nutritional deficiencies will reduce the growth cycle of hair and also cause it to become thin. Other factors that can cause your hair to become thin are hyperthyroidism and PCOS. Consult your physician if you notice that you hair has stopped growing or is unusually thin.

If you wish to know how to grow your hair fast, then you need to improve hair growth the use of hair masks are beneficial as they help restore the natural oils that the body produces. One of the best hair masks around is inexpensive and simple to make and a common household ingredient the egg– that’s right by beating an egg and applying to your hair while massaging it into your scalp and letting it remain for a few minutes, then washing it out with cold water and a mild shampoo will do wonders for your hair. However do not let it sit too long as your hair will retain the smell of the egg.

These are simple measures that you need to follow if you wish to know how to grow your hair fast. Stay consistent and true to these measures and you will have the hair you desire

Growing your hair fast is quite a difficult task. Hair grows slowly and if someone you offers a magic product to grow it in 3 days, this is most certainly a scam.

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