Laser Hair Treatment – Before and After

(I do not own any of the music in this video) For answers to technical questions please refer to these sites: Let me deal with the trolls first. “You didn’t grow any hair.” In all honesty, I can’t say with certainty that any dormant follicles began growing in patches of bare scalp. There may not have been any actual regrowth in that sense. And there may have been in some spots. I was not able to examine my scalp to such a fine degree. Clearly, the existing hair changed in quality from thin, brittle, wispy strands to full, thick, healthy strands. The quality of the existing hair changed and looks thicker which gives the appearance of more hair. I believe that the appearance of regrowth in the after photos is in part the result of some of the fine, weak hairs that were previously invisible to the camera growing into mature hairs. “Your hair is longer in the after shots” No it isn’t. It is the exact same haircut. I know because I have cut my hair with a Flowbee for over three years. Even if I got the Flowbee settings wrong and my hair in the after shots were a half inch longer (at most), it wouldn’t make any difference. In the past when my hair was too long and I needed a haircut it didn’t look any thicker. It just looked like thin, wispy, brittle hairs that were too long and combed over bare scalp. Longer hair didn’t look like thicker hair. For evidence see older videos on my channel: “Pie Eating Contest” and “Yang Tai Chi 24

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