Mane And Tail Shampoo For Human Hair

Mane And Tail Shampoo is today recognized as a leading human shampoo brand – but what sets it apart from other shampoos is that is was first formulated for use solely on horses manes and tails. There are also other manufacturers besides Mane And Tail that have marketed their horse shampoo products for use on humans too.

There are several key selling points for horse shampoos:

– human shampoos are considerably more expensive
– hair is knot and tangle free, with a vibrant sheen
– the scalp is protected and kept from drying out
– they don’t contain any skin irritants

To give your hair the best possible treatment using horse shampoo, you must understand how to go about using it correctly. I have written this to help you go about using these shampoos safely and so that you also get the most out of them.

Use A Product You’ve Heard About

If you can’t get Mane And Tail Shampoo, get a horse shampoo that is being targeted at the human market. This is so you can be confident that what you’ve bought has gone through testing on human hair. In the worst case where there is none available, you ought to be safe with any horse shampoo, because they contain mostly the same chemicals you’d find in human shampoo. Just make sure you feel happy with whichever one you opt for.

Word of Caution

Use only a small amount of the horse shampoo to begin with. Work under the assumption that the new shampoo is more concentrated than your existing brand. If there are no problems, you can up the quantity a bit the next time, repeating until you are happy with the result. You can even dilute the shampoo with a little water if needs be.

Why Not Mix It Up

Not everyone will have to use Mane And Tail Shampoo every day in order to get the results they want. If you wash more regularly, there’s no problem in alternating with your regular human shampoo. You simply need to experiment until you find what, for you personally, is the right way of doing things.

Use A Conditioner

Ensure you always condition after you’ve finished washing. Pay particular attention to this if your hair is damaged or dry. If possible, use a matching conditioner for best results – such as Mane And Tail Conditioner if you are using that shampoo. Use the same “bit at a time” philosophy with the conditioner that you used with the shampoo.

By applying these tips you will discover very soon whether or not horse shampoo is right for you. I’ve found that people with oily or greasy hair won’t see any advantages from trying it. If your hair is coarse, dry and wiry, however, you will get really good results in no time at all.

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