Myths About Laser Hair Removal

These days, the laser hair removal is fast becoming more and more popular option for many Americans. In the world where people are constantly looking for ways to add some time to their days, more people are selecting to laser hair removal to avoid the hassle of plucking, shaving, waxing or depilatory creams. In accordance with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is ranked as top third non-surgical cosmetic procedure. With a lot of people choosing this way to remove needless hair and more and more considering it on a regular basis, it is necessary to look at what is fact and what is not about laser hair removal.

– Myth # 1 – This procedure is painful

In order to say the truth, laser hair removal is not painful at all, with various patients describing the feeling as a slight stinging or tingling feeling . While some fear the pain of laser hair removal, many people who has experienced the three main commercial methods of hair removal generally describe the electrolysis and waxing as more painful.

– Myth # 2 – It will work in dark skin

With the developments in the laser hair removal, equipment has been developed so that can remove hair from even the darkest skin. But , it is necessary to check with the person who will be performing your laser hair removal to be sure that they are utilizing the most advanced equipment available.

– Myth # 3 – It takes years of treatment in order to get rid of needless hair

In fact , it takes up to 5 treatments in order to get rid of 95 per cent of all the unwanted hair. As a rule , it is recommended to repeat their treatments every two months. And thus you could be finished with your treatment in just 24 weeks.

– Myth # 4 – It is expensive

Even if laser hair removal does not cost a lot per visit than any other hair removal methods , it needs lesser visits in order to receive the same results. For instant, waxing your legs can cost you about $40 per a visit, but , if you want to remain hair free you will need to repeat this procedure every six weeks for the rest of your life or as long as you want to stay hair free. On the other hand , laser hair removal can remove hair for a long time in just 4 or 5 visits, and so in the long run for the most customers it will be the cheapest way to get the desired result.

Myth # 5 – This procedure is unsafe

In fact, the laser hair removal utilizes lasers that are attracted to the hair pigment . It means that the laser targets just follicles of hair and leaves the skin and nearby tissues unharmed .

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