Natural Hair Loss Treatment #2 for more studies. http for 100% pure Apple Polyphenols. Another helpful natural site: These are the very first photos (before and after) taken by me after a six month personal hair regrowth study. After I saw the “mountains” of scientific evidence from Japan, Germany, Russia and Europe on apple polyphenols and the scientific claims that they could regrow hair naturally with an apple substance called procyanidin b-2, I had to try it. Procyanidin b-2 is a tannin, a healthy substance that is found in unripe apples. What procyanidin b-2 does, is it has an effect on starting the hair regrowth process by stimulating it. Thus a natural hair loss treatment. More science at http Once the hair regrowth process is stimulated, new hair growth begins. Polyphenols and antioxidants already have a positive affect on the body by destroying free radicals. Some polyphenols are effective in repairing damaged cells and removing toxins from the body. This also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Apple polyphenols have a unique collection of these molecules like procyanidin b-2 that provide even greater benefits like hair regrowth. Ordinarily, we would never consume these particular polyphenols because they come from unripe breeds of specific apples. Eating one would taste extremely bitter. By taking them in supplement form, we can get all of the great benefits as they are easily absorbed by our digestive system. Since they are a natural

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