Skin Care Depends On Your Age

It goes without any sayings that skin care is to be a little bit different in various periods of your life. Being 20 you need one type of skin care, but quite another one is required when you are 40. So in this article I am going to share some tips about choosing the right type of skin care product depending on your age.

Skin Care in 20’s
It goes without any sayings that at this period of time your skin is in its best condition. But still, some factors can possibly haunt your skin if you don’t begin looking after it. In general these factors are sun, diet, water, alcohol and of course smoking. Smoking and drinking are able to cause skin to look dull, unhealthy and somewhat tired, and speed up fine lines’ appearance! Therefore it is imperative to make sure you have a relevant skin care routine, your dieting plan is absolutely balanced and you drink enough water every day.

Skin Care in 30’s
If you didn’t care about your skin in your 20s, then 30s is the period when you will observe the first wrinkles to appear. It’s high time to give your organism and skin so needed nourishment! It is essential to make sure you are getting all of important vitamins in your food, as these will most definitely help your skin to repair itself and start looking fresh and healthy. Keep in your mind that your skin is the biggest organ you have!

Skin Care in 40’s
You are recommended to be exfoliating 3 times a week and following with a good rose hip oil dose as it includes all those essential for your aging skin anti-oxidants and fatty acids. It is also a nice idea to use some gentle natural skin care remedies. The truth is that your facial skin is now getting more sensitive and if you use some harmful chemicals you may completely spoil your skin’s good looking. It is very important to make sure you also keep up with basics issues to follow – drink 6- 8 glasses of water every day, have 7-8 hours of sleep, eat a well balanced diet and never go out of your house without a high SPF.

Skin Care in 50s
At this age menopause has most definitely come and gone. Your skin care is still incredibly essential. Bear in your mind that it’s never too late to start care about your good looking. You are to continue using gentle organic and natural skin care products, use a high SPF when out, intake great deal of water, eat a good diet, sleep enough and go for walks. Indeed, following these tips is easy, but the results will be surely impressing.

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