Skin Disorders And Treatment – Several Skin Problems And Treatments

Modern era such as this one must be active; it is easy to cause stress resulting in easy occurrence of disorders of the skin. So how to overcome the impact of these skin disorders?

Impact 1: Skin dull
Skin responds to stress by directing blood from parts of the body such as skin to vital areas such as the heart and lungs. The result of skin cell renewal process becomes slow and the amount of free radicals on the skin increases. Both are a major cause dull skin and premature aging.
Skin Solutions dull:
The easiest way to make dull skin glow due to stress again is to use a soap that contains glycolic every day. Dead skin cells will occur more quickly along with reduced fine lines while softening the skin.
Cause the production of hormones like testosterone. As a result of oil on your skin will increase and trigger acne.

Impact 2: The emergence of Acne
Acne is a problem that most often appears during times of stress. Stress can lead to increased hormone cortisol in the bloodstream to help the body stay fit while under pressure. Unfortunately, the number of excess cortisol can cause the production of hormones like testosterone. As a result of oil on your skin will increase and trigger acne.
Overcome Acne Solution
Use a salicylic acid-based toner when you are busy. Simply wipe the cotton that has been given the toner to the face that had been cleaned. If your back and your face frequent breakouts, also do this trick on the following areas.

Impact 3: Skin Itching
Stress can make skin itchy and aggravating allergies you have. In addition, stress can reduce immunity and encouraged her to release histamine into the skin. The result is the face and body skin becomes red and itchy.

Itching Overcome Solutions
Try soaking in the bath tub with bath water that has been given a salt bath mineralized. Do it 3 times a week.

Impact 4: The eyes puffy
Cortisol also provides stimulating effects that can disrupt your sleep. As a result, blood circulation and lymph systems and network congestion. Fluids collected in the vicinity of the eyes were not wasted. You also become puffy eyes and dark circles arise under the eyes.

Puffy eyes solution
Give a light massage of the eye helps to remove excess fluid causes the eyes look puffy. It also can help relieve tension in the head. Press corner in the eye with the middle finger for a few seconds. Now press the area just above the center of your eyebrows. Finally massage the outer corner of eye.

By knowing the early symptoms of skin disorders, then a more severe disease could be avoided. Keep in mind, prevent the occurrence of disease is the best … rather than treatment.

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