Summer Months Skin Care Suggestions

Summer Months Skin Care Suggestions:The summer has arrived, and people are excited about enjoying the outdoors and having fun at the beach with the family. Little do most know that what seems like only a few blissful hours out in the sun may very likely bring a lot of problems later in life.

Spending time in the sun is actually not bad, surprising as it may seem, the fact of the matter is that sunlight is required for our well being. Light from the sun reacts within our skin cells to create vitamin D, which can help us keep away from depression and heart diseases. The issues come from overexposure. Too much consecutive sunlight burns us, producing free radicals in our skin. Free radicals are particles characterized by being in a very excited and unstable state because they lack an electron. They crash with other molecules until they stabilize by getting the electron. Of course, the transaction leaves another molecule in an hyper excited state. This process is commonly known as oxidation and is highly destructive to our body, altering cellular composition at a molecular level. The damage it causes may include major issues including aging and skin cancer. Antioxidants, are the body’s main defense, as they can interrupt the chain reaction, and stop free radical destruction.

So what can we do to help our body fight free radical damage this summer? It is key to understand that there are many things that we can decide to do that may help us maintain great skin, during and long after this summer’s activities.

Avoid sun exposure during the peak hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm, and shorten the time you are under the sun. The ideal amount of sunlight could be fifteen minutes in the morning, and again in the evening. If your plans command significantly longer exposure, protect with a wide hat, large sunglasses, and a high sun protection factor sunscreen (50+) with physical sun blocks in contrast with chemicals (find Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide ingredients on the label, preferably micronized).

Enhance the body’s antioxidant defense by keeping a healthy variety of long grains and colorful vegetables in every meal. People older than thirty, can also raise antioxidant penetration into skin cells by using serums. We strongly recommend DermaNotion serums for this application, because their antioxidant serums have active delivery systems, and are organic.

Daily, consume at least 8 glasses of water, and put on a skin-type appropriate moisturizer following your shower. Our body needs water not only for maintaining good circulation to deliver antibodies, nutrients, and antioxidants, but also for operations that assist to implement antioxidant defenses at the intracellular level, which also help create lively skin.

Mismanaged stress is another weakening influence to the antioxidant defenses of the body. To have stress under control, enjoy a massage therapy service at least monthly, begin taking time for daily uninterrupted meditation, take up interesting activities that are only for the purpose of having fun, look for the positives in every situation and person, forgive quickly and frequently, contribute to the lives of others as much as possible, and make it a point to get pampered regularly to recharge.

Skin care cannot replace a healthy lifestyle and proper prevention, but there all is not lost if you already have experienced damage. Including an array of anti-aging products and resurfacing technologies that can restore sun damage such as hyper pigmented skin or uneven skin, dullness, and fine lines. If you are looking for the most advanced resurfacing services for dermabrasion in South Florida, contact Sinless Skin, or for treatment or product information visit

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