Thing You Need To Understand Concerning Dark Chocolate Nail Polish

During my all-too-frequent personal trips to online retailers and retailers, I typically find pieces so fantastic, they absolutely demand to become shared. So, in add-on to passing them along to my beloved clientele, I wanted to assist you to in on the stylish fun, too…
This week brings a trend we could all dip a toe (or finger) towards, and at a fraction of the expense of last week’s FFotW… I’m preaching about Essie’s slightly sinful, deliciously darkish new nail color intended for Fall 2010: Little Darkish Dress.

In recent periods, nails have gone via oft-overlooked, uninspired and ubiquitous (find “Ballet Slippers” and “Mademoiselle”) to be able to obsessively trend-driven accessory of choice (see Spring’s “Lilacism” and Summer’s many shades regarding “greige”). A quick mani while in the season’s hottest shade will be the quickest, cheapest, and lowest risk way of referencing a new pattern, or setting a trend any own.

I love Little Brown Dress for the ability to render nails rather dangerous (at primary glance, it almost looks black) and it is universally flattering shade (them actually looks great about pale fall and winter skin). It’s a update to last fall’s quite popular Wicked, which appeared to be a similarly dark colour, but with blackberry shades.

And, with Halloween in the vicinity of, doesn’t it remind you of your favorite chocolate treats?

A dark chocolate nail polish for your tootsies

I seriously love gonna the drugstore cosmetic segment. Seriously. Everytime I’m on the Walgreen’s, I’m picking upward one cosmetic or yet another. And nail polish? You should not even get me began. I just started to offer myself proper manicures once again recently – the feet scrub, everything – while I get to the particular nail polish section… I’m as being a kid in a candy store. The blues, everything from the true teals with a deep navy. The purples, which always remind me of finding yourself in 7th grade. The oranges, yellows, the particular greens… the colors fascinate the artist in me, I guess.

Right these days, though, mostly I’m into the darker hues. The blacks, the greys, the dark blues, the deep reds. Damn you, Chanel’s Vamp! I fell in love using your look in the 90’s, and I’m still in love along. Why can’t I give up you? It always can make my skin look sooo pale. But I don’t care.

I love the cheap nail polish. I’ll give the Rimmels as well as Wet & Wilds some sort of go if I’m within the mood for a really trendy color. At $2 the pop, if you dislike it, so what? But I always get back on my Revlon colors. They’re about $5 an item, but the manicure is maintained. Here’s the color that will I’m currently wearing.

It’s really a deep, deep brown – almost black. Looks like melted dark chocolate on your own toes.

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