Transform Your Dry Skin

Everywhere we look these days we can find all kinds of advice on how to achieve perfect skin. How to add more steps into an already over scheduled stressed day can become overwhelming.

The Japanese have a very practical approach for improving an on going concern; they call it Kaizen. The word means: a gradual and orderly, continuous improvement. Kaizen explores, experiments and adopts the found improvements and repeats the process.

For example, you can have many, many causes of dry skin but in fact there is only one solution, hydration. The way you approach it can be topically or internally and you only use those things that improve the skin’s condition and eliminate others.

I hope this gives you a starting point and a new way to approach your skincare routine.

Ordinary dry skin conditions can occur due to winter weather, food, lack of water, long hot showers and skincare products. These factors can damage the outer layer and prevents water from being held in the skin, causing dry skin conditions.

The good news is that dry skin can be treated very easily and repaired if you follow some simple instructions.

However if you don’t handle dry skin properly then the obvious signs of damage can be seen, flaky skin, wrinkles and further dehydration as the skin is being further damaged.

The not so obvious sign is the obstruction of cell as it lacks circulation and furthermore, the skin’s immune system being compromised.


In order to help the skin immediately you need to nourish it with the proper moisturizer in order to restore and tone the skin. This will help you lock in moisture right away.

Massage the moisturizer into your skin and this will help by increasing circulation bringing much needed nutrients closer to the skin’s surface and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Professional treatments, facials for dry skin needs to restore moisture to the top layer of the skin in order to properly hold water thus allowing the skin to heal.

Internally you need to help your skin by drinking water as dehydration occurs to your organs first and affects your skin last.

And in fact by the time you are feeling thirsty, you are already past the point of being adequately hydrated. If you feel thirsty, it’s too late!

Lastly to speed up the process and restore dry skin to a dewy and radiant complexion you need to use a serum.

Serums are different than a moisturizer as they penetrate deeper into the skin and have the ability to heal and restore your skin a lot faster. Moisturizers seat mostly on top creating a seal to prevent evaporation.

If you are properly hydrated and still have dry skin this could be the simple matter of using the wrong skincare product as it might be too drying for your skin type.

And a warning if you are not drinking enough water through out the day, dehydration, could also lead to other skin problems as you are in fact taxing your internal organs and as a result they won’t function at their best, ultimately affecting your skin.

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