Using Biotin Hair Growth To Correct Hair Loss

Men and women today are focusing more on their physical appearance and when this topic comes into consideration there is always a discussion about hair, skin and nails. A head full of healthy and strong hair is thought to be very likable as compared to a head with thinning hair and bald spots. Therefore, baldness or hair loss is a problem which is very common nowadays.

Amongst the many solutions to hair loss biotin hair growth supplements are one of the favorites. The use of this vitamin can cause comfort to anyone experiencing hair loss or baldness. For natural healthy hair growth the body depends on biotin. Biotin has been a favorite amongst doctors and nutritionist and they highly recommend it to patients alongside of other treatments.

The Biotin – Hair growth connection

The relationship between healthy hair growth and Biotin has a very strong bond. In actual fact, without biotin, the hair growth cycle can decelerate or come to a sudden halt altogether. The body produces protein with the help of biotin, which gives the strands their shine and texture. Furthermore, biotin protects hair strands from getting dried up and becoming breakable. A biotin deficiency in the body can lead to dry, brittle, weak and breakable strands.

The body can compensate quite harshly on the body for deficiencies. Any small quantities of biotin that the body has will be firstly used for functions important to keeping a person alive. Functions such as hair growth, strong healthy nails and skins will eventually cease.

People suffering from severe deficiency of biotin must take biotin vitamins so as to maintain sufficient amount of this vital vitamin in their bodies and keep the body functioning properly. Most people can obtain necessary amounts of this nutrient by making slight changes in their eating habits and including biotin supplements in their diet.

Sources of Biotin

Biotin, which belongs to the vitamin B family, is contained in various different foods. Potatoes, brewer’s yeast, oats, liver, egg yolks, soybeans and sunflower seeds are included in such foods that are rich sources of biotin.

Egg yolk can be applied to the scalp and strands after shampooing as a hair conditioner. The egg provides a protective coating or covering on your strands that strengthens them and gives them shine. You can apply a raw egg yolk on your scalp and to your damaged strands, leave it like that for about fifteen minutes and rinse it off. Egg yolks are an excellent source of biotin and a great hair conditioning treatment.

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