Wax And Thermolysis Hair Removal Solutions

One of the best feelings in the world is having a silky, smooth, and hairless body. At a primal level, it makes us feel sexy, confident and powerful, but what are the best ways of getting it? There is a problem in that the list of choices available is so large we can easily feel overwhelmed. A quick first step that can help narrow down the market is to remove all products and services with high risk levels, or that leave unpleasant side effects like foul odors or stubble. After the exercise, we essentially only have two category options remaining: waxing and electrolysis.

Waxing is an excellent solution for removing hair from the body. New high-tech waxes from Europe are much cleaner, adhere less onto surfaces of skin, and are applied at a cooler temperature than the traditional strip waxing products. These new waxes are more comfortable during application, leave less irritation, and can have a lower risk of stretching skin, which is very important for sensitive areas like in eyebrows services. The biggest objection people have, is regarding the pain they expect in the process, but when it is done by a competent and qualified professional, it is really much less painful than most expect it to be. If pain is a major concern you can always go the additional distance and take 2 Ibuprofen pills about a half hour before they wax, avoid caffeine and stimulants in food the day of their waxing, and apply a topical numbing cream of their choice. Over years body waxing, the hair that regrows is weaker and less abundantly, and the process is less uncomfortable. Eventually people have almost no regrowth, and the services are totally painless. Few people today would think of waxing as a form of permanent hair reduction, but it is.

For the permanent removal of hair, more than wax is required, and the only hair removal method that is truly permanent is electrolysis. The technology burns capillaries in the base of each follicle, eliminating the possibility of regrowth. The major drawback of electrolysis is that it can require a large amount of time, especially in the larger body areas, but the technology for electrolysis has evolved significantly over the years, delivering results quicker and more comfortably. Electrolysis was originally performed with galvanic current, then devloped to thermolysis, flash, and the newest variations which use computerized intense micro-discharges. Each technological evolution has made electrolysis safer, faster and more comfortable. Permanent hair removal performed on skin areas that highly visible or small, like facial areas, should never be attempted with laser. Electrolysis technologies are the only reasonable solution, not only for the result expectations, which are far better than laser, but most importantly for reducing the risks of burns, scars, and pigmentation issues that electrolysis offers. Electrolysis also costs less, and requires fewer follow-up sessions which can mean less time in the long run.

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