Ways To Grow Long And Thick Hair

So you need to grow 1-2 inches of new hair in 6 months and you want to know what the ways of growing hair really fast.

Shiny hair usually means a healthy mane. However the question remains how do we get our tresses to shine? In this article I will show you simple steps to get shinny hair the natural way.

There are seven ways to get your mane to shine and they are as follows…

1. Get a trim- You need to cut of dead ends and split ends if you want you mane to shine and look healthy! Getting rid of split ends also allows faster hair growth as it prevents further breakages from occurring!

2. Supplement your diet with prenatal pills-these mane vitamins will make your hair shinier and healthy looking.

3. Apply a shine enhancing shampoo. Shampoos that give shine are usually less harsh than regular shampoos as they do not strip away color.

4. Purchase a shine spray. Shine sprays give your mane a glossy, healthy look. However this will only last so long as the product is in your tresses.

5. To get hair shine you must nourish your hair at the root level. The one product that I do recommend is Mira oil, it is an oil but it is light and it will soak into the cuticle and seal it, allowing your tresses to shine. Mira oil leaves your mane shiny and soft.

6. Use the same oil as a deep oil treatment if you wash to get shiny hair. Apply the oil onto the scalp and allow it to sit for thirty minutes and then rinse out. It will deep condition your hair and leave it shiny and really soft. It will also prevent and repair damaged hair. If you wish to speed the rate at which the oil penetrates the scalp, take a warm towel and wrap it around your head as the oil soaks into the scalp!

7. Use an apple cider rinse to wash away product build up in your hair! Take one tablespoon of apple cider and dilute it with a liter of water. Use that rinse after you have used the deep oil treatment and before and after a shampoo to naturally remove all toxins and build up that make your mane dull and heavy!.

Shiny hair starts at the root level; if your mane is not healthy you will not get the shine, volume and glow it deserves. Use the methods I just shared with your to naturally add some hair shine to your beloved tresses.

Just follow the above tips and you are sure to get positive results. Of course, these are not immediate results. No magic is possible in this case.

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