You Can Actually Look Younger With No Surgery

You may be unable to eliminate wrinkles on your facial skin totally but you can definitely minimize its physical appearance as well as postpone its onset. Among the fastest ways to remove facial lines would be to undergo plastic surgery. However, this option is not for everyone unless of course you’ve deep pockets and are not scared of pain. To prepare for cosmetic surgery, you have to study on the procedure, look for a reliable and dependable cosmetic surgeon, go through in depth consultation and set time aside from work for recovery.

There is no doubt plastic surgery is really a instant method of getting your wrinkles on your face smoothened but there are other ways to decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your face. These methods don’t require a huge monetary investment, addititionally there is no down time involved. All it takes is just a little adjustment in your habits and lifestyle. Here are five tiny changes that you can do to avoid or reduce wrinkles the natural way.

1. Stay away from the sun’s rays

You have probably heard this many times but I can’t underline enough the significance of avoiding the sun’s rays to reduce wrinkles on your facial area. The sun’s rays emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause an increase in a skin enzyme, metalloproteinase. This pores and skin enzyme breaks down collagen and results in wrinkling of the skin. You need to avoid unnecessary sun exposure between 10am to 4pm when sun rays is strongest. If you need to be in the outside, try to walk or stay in the shade whenever you can.

2. Apply sunscreen

Using sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent or reduce facial lines. You need to use a sunscreen every day, even while you are indoors as UVA rays can pass through glass. Should you sit next to your window at work, make sure to put on sun screen lotion if you want to avoid premature aging. And do not be misled by cloudy days. UV light can penetrate cloud cover, make sure you use sunscreen even when the sunlight doesn’t seem as intense.

3. Use tightly woven fabrics

Don’t neglect your skin on your body just because you have sun block lotion on your facial area. Wearing tightly woven, dark colored apparels will produce you enhanced protection against the sun’s rays than loose weaved, light colored garments. If you are planning sleeveless, bear in mind to put sun block on your arms and back of hands. Use sunscreen on your neck as well if you wish to minimize unsightly facial lines on your neck. Putting on an extensive brimmed hat or cap provides further protection from the sun for your facial skin.

4. Avoid smoking

Do think about quitting smoking if you’re a smoker. Early aging and skin wrinkling has been observed in smokers, in particular female smokers. Smoking produces toxins and induces proteins that breakdown elastin and collagen. Smoking also results in moisture loss and a decrease in the amount of vit a on the skin we have. Quitting smoking is another imperative step towards minimizing wrinkles.

5. Sleep on your back

You might find this tough to believe but experts have informed that sleeping in certain positions every evening for years will eventually lead to wrinkles. Sleep lines, the facial lines caused by sleeping together with your face on the pillow, will eventually become permanent. Individuals who sleep on their sides might find those wrinkles appearing on their chin and cheeks. People who sleep face-down on the pillow typically end up with forehead wrinkles or furrowed brow. To diminish wrinkles, the most excellent way is to sleep on your back. Sleeping position might not be easy to adjust over night but after some determination, it is possible to get accustomed to a new sleeping position after a few weeks.

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