You Go Curl! How To Curl Long Hair

Unfortunately for some but beneficial for others it is far simpler to add curls to hair that is short. This is because curling devices such as foam rollers, braids and knot rags work best when they are applied to initially damp hair and longer hair will obviously take far longer to both prepare and dry. (*)

So what’s the crucial know how to curl hair that is long?

If you can then you should ask a friend to help out with curling your long hair. It can be very hard for you to style the back of your own head so that it is as gorgeous as the front.

Do not remove curlers before the hair is completely dry Natural curls comprise a chemical bond that causes the hair to bend; Disulfide. Naturally straight hair needs these disulfide bonds to be artificially moulded into hair strands if curls are wished to be formed. Removing curlers too soon will mean your hair “forgets” the curly imprint you were trying to attain and you efforts wasted.

Waterproof your hair using a pomade or oil to waterproof your hair will stop your curls losing their definition should it get moist. Also this in addition to using a good spritz of hairspray – will help to prevent the weight of your long hair from uncurling.

Buy hair curlers for long hair wrapping the full length of a long segment of hair around a curling iron or roller can be extremely cumbersome. Many hair product manufacturers are aware of this and as a result, have invented curlers to cater. The best of these areCurlformers.

(*) It is worth pointing out that if your method of curling hair is a heated curling or flat iron then you should not use them on wet hair since this can really damage the quality of your hair.

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