Your Mother’s Mouth

Your Mother’s Mouth Lyrics and Music by: Nick “The Boy” Jones I’ve got to go, your sister said she’d sever me my mistas’ if she saw me strollin’ near or to your house.. And I’d like to keep my nuts so I can put them in your mother’s mouth. I thought she would forgive me but apparently if she sees me I get deprived of the pleasure of the sexy time.. But that bitch had better realize that my backhand’s quicker than her knife. I’m lying face down on the floor, and now I’m starting to understand some of the reasons for the shit I do. I’m on the outside.. I’m looking in.. I see reflections of a misfit seeking something new. But as I stare, I start to wonder if paths I’ve chosen throughout my time will start to wander.. will start to wear.. will start to disappear into someone elses… a much less careless life. Bunny, you’ve got a booty! And when I see it on the floor it makes me boogie. Goddamn those lips and those thighs, I see they filled out real nice. Money, you got some for me?! If you come askin’ for it from here, you best start turnin’ one hundred-eighty degrees, no you won’t get it from here, no. You’ve got to step more closely. You’ve got to speak more clear. You’ve got to put your lips up to my ear. What’s that you’re feeling crazy? Let’s go, come on, get lazy. I wanna take you home and watch Point Break with Patrick Swayze! Oh no, no, no! I got the JB baby.. And if you got the cash.. I’ll pack a bowl to put you on your ass.Let’s go, it’s time

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