Your Perfect Hair Color

Modern woman has many reasons to change her natural color: somebody wants to dye grey hair, somebody wants to change their style cardinally in order to change their life, somebody wants to add some gloss to her hair etc.

There are two moments that are very important in such situation. First of all, you should choose right color that is suitable for you. And the second moment is to choose right hair coloring product that will give you desired result and won’t cause much damage to your hair.

If you have decided to dye your hair for the first time, it is better to visit hairdresser salon, especially if you want to change your hairstyle cardinally. If you want to colorize yourself, it is better to start with toner: you can easily correct unpredictable or unsuccessful result.

Most women like blonde. But each one should remember that this color won’t look perfectly on everybody, as long as other colors. First of all, you should pay attention to your appearance type.

Dark tones are good for those who have olive skin and thin hair: dark color will visually increase volume. Dark tones are also good if you don’t plan to pay much attention and spend much money to keep the color.

You can dye your hair at home. You should also remember that brunettes and brown-haired persons can allow bright make-up that will make blondes look vulgarly. Brunettes can add some bright locks to their color. The color of locks should differ from the main one on two or three tones. It can be honey, reddish or caramel colors.

Fair hair is good for those who have pink skin. If you were blonde in childhood, you can be sure that blonde will suit you. But you should be ready that you’ll need to dye your hair regularly to keep the color and it costs much money because lightening is better to be done in hairdresser salon.

Talking about reddish color, we should notice that various tones of red suit almost all women but they look ideally on those who have cold or pink skin tone. Reddish is bright color and pays much attention on itself.

Besides, reddish decolorizes faster than others. That is why you shouldn’t dye your hair to red if you hair aren’t healthy enough. You can dye several locks to one tone lighter. It will make your hairstyle look more stylish and expressive. You may also dye these locks to three tones darker: it will add your hairstyle some volume and deepness of color.

Use various hair coloring product to protect your color. For example, there are special shampoos, balms and masks that help to save a new color as long as it is possible. Be ready to change your make up after the dying, especially color of your lipstick.

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