Treat Eczema Skin Rash Without Taking Medication

Treat Eczema Skin Rash

Treat Eczema Skin Rash At Home Tips

Treat eczema skin rash at home and live life as you were meant too. Treat eczema skin rash tips for all those living with the daily discomforts of eczema. If you did not know, there is a form of eczema treatment which does not require the patient suffering from the eczema skin rash to take medications. It’s called phototherapy or light therapy – a treatment for certain skin conditions using artificial light wavelengths from the sun’s ultraviolet spectrum.

Phototherapy involves the use of two kinds of UV light: UVA and UVB. Sometimes only one kind of UV light is used; other times, a combination of both is employed, of course depending on the recommendation of a specialist. It is prescribed by some doctors for patients with eczema, particularly those with atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. So when does a doctor advise a patient to undergo phototherapy? When the eczema is widespread and does not respond to any medications applied onto the affected areas.

How Long To Treat Eczema Skin Rash Before Significant Results Happen?

Exposure to UVB light is considered to be a safer form of photo-therapy used to cure eczema skin rash. It is recommended that a person afflicted with eczema to undergo 3-5 treatments per week. The amount of UVB light used is gradually increased depending on the disease’s response and the type of skin of the patient. Usually, a noticeable improvement on the affected skin is observed within 1-3 months of therapy.

Are there any side effects when I undergo this treatment?

The UV light used in phototherapy, although artificial, is still much like the one emitted by the sun. That is why exposure to this kind of light must be carefully done under the supervision of a specialist in order to prevent sunburn and other potential effects on the body. What are these potential side effects? One is the possible development of cataracts – a condition which involves the clouding of the normally clear lens of the eyes. During a phototherapy session, the patient’s eyes are protected by special goggles to prevent the UV light from harming the eyes and vision.

Premature skin aging may also be another potential side effect of phototherapy, although limited to prolonged treatments only. However, the patient’s exposure to UV light is administered in controlled doses by a specialist, so any skin damage that may arise is significantly kept at minimum.

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We all know that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause skin cancer. Sunlight has UV light; phototherapy uses the same kind of light as that emitted by the sun. Yes, this is very much true. But then again, phototherapy is controlled and administered by a specialist, and each phototherapy session does not take long hours of exposure to UV light. Usually, the first treatment only takes a few seconds, working up to a few minutes each side of the body as the treatment course progresses. Of course, much of it still depends on what the specialist deems appropriate.

Isn’t it that exposure to UV light causes skin cancer?

If you are skeptical about using the UV light then, there are available alternatives to cure eczema skin rash and this is one of them. Many people have claimed it as their eczema cure over other popular eczema home remedies. Click the image below.

Eczema Free You Remedy

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